Unraveling the Mysteries of Medicaid Long-Term Care

Photo by Kampus Production on Pexels.com

The workings of the Medicaid system became clearer to me after talking to an extremely helpful nurse, Alex, from VNSNY Choice.  Here’s what I got from that conversation.

Medicaid is the government umbrella, a source of funding for long term health care services.  Under the umbrella are plans, such as VNSNY Choice Managed Long-Term Care, who oversee the agencies supplying health care workers’ services.  There are several agencies who are contracted to provide the nursing services.  Freedom Care is the one we chose.

I’m still slightly bewildered by all the organizations involved in providing these health care services.  However, there was some good news.  Now that my husband qualified and is enrolled in the Medicaid long-term care system, any equipment related to his health condition will be paid for, such as a shower chair, walker, and even hearing aids (or at least one hearing aid.  Alex wasn’t sure about that). The doctor must submit a prescription to the plan coordinator, and the item will be purchased, possibly even delivered.

My chosen caregiver has to have a physical and receives an orientation from the agency. 

Recently, I’ve heard news stories about the low wages home health aides are paid.  I’m wondering how much the caregivers are paid through the Medicaid program. 

Again, if you have any useful information about Medicaid and long-term care, drop me a comment.  Thanks


For a guide to Managed Long-Term Care in the Hudson Valley, go to


New York Medicaid Choice: 1-888-401-6782


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