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The created world and the creative world.

Outside, grim, overcast, soggy ground thick with clay

Inside, veined, wrinkled hands

piece the cloth with thread.

Between the two: the Abyss

where humans reside

between angel and animal

between seraphim and foliage

seven stitches, a bright needle

Be sure you understand this!

You, an incomplete human,

You, the bridge

between two realms

blue triangle, green triangle

You yourself are the bridge

Always in the center

Rising or falling

By actions, by thoughts

Piece by piece, a braid, a blanket

It will not avail you to desire the radiance of creation

Strive to unite the opposites

Linked by language, to be, to be not

Pure Light, Pure Matter

The pattern of stars

When you, within yourself, are the bridge

Fully human, fully divine

A stitch in time

Find your place

Between the absurd and grace

This has been given to you.*

Excerpt from Gitta Mallasz, Dialogue avec l’ange in The Gospel of Mary Magdalene, Jean-Yves Leloup, Inner Traditions, Rochester, Vermont, 2002, p. 72.

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